Free Ordering Software Options

At Nichols Photo Lab, Inc., we strive to keep our services accessible, no matter what your level of skill. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to offer assistance and answer any questions you may have concerning our software packages.

Whether you prefer a simple interface or extensive printing and processing options, you are sure to find everything you need with our online ordering software. We offer both our retail and professional packages to Mac and PC users. Place an order for one of our flexible software options.

Choose Between our Retail and Professional Software Options

NEOS Retail

NEOs Retail

NEOS Retail is for the everyday photographer or amateur without an account. It is simple to use and has the basic tools to place orders. NEOS Retail doesn't offer all of our products, payment, delivery, and software options. If you need access to all of our printing and package options, you must create an account.

For the professional photographer with more extensive needs, NEOS Pro is our recommended choice. You must have an account to use this version of our software. Pro users gain access to all options available at the lab. These include package pricing, studio color pricing, all of our payment and delivery options, copyrighting, and our exclusive events module. Account holders also are given access to all of our products and advanced features including a package catalog for schools and sporting events.


NEOs Pro

Our well-trained specialists are eager to help you choose the best option for you and your needs. Should you have any questions regarding our software options, we’re here to help. Remote support is also available for any technical issues.