NEOS Troubleshooting in Salt Lake City, UT

At Nichols Photo Lab, Inc., we are committed to providing our customers with an outstanding experience. Part of our commitment is offering active troubleshooting. Though we strive to keep our ordering software as user friendly as possible, we understand that ordering details can get confusing. If you are having issues with your software, our experts are more than happy to assist you with NEOS troubleshooting in Salt Lake City, UT.

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Is your program or desktop shortcut missing?

Follow the NEOS troubleshooting instructions below or call Paul at 801-214-7632 or toll free at 877-232-4182. Our startup and troubleshooting instructions are applicable to both our NEOS retail and NEOS pro software.

For Windows Vista or Windows 7:
Go to the Windows symbol in the lower right corner.
In the box in the lower left corner (search programs and files) type “javaws.exe viewer.”
In the Java Cache Viewer, right click on the NEOS pro icon and select install shortcuts.

For Windows XP:
Go to Start in the lower right corner, then click Run. Type “javaws.exe viewer”
In the Java Cache Viewer, right click on the NEOS pro icon and select install shortcuts.

For Mac – Core 2 Duo Systems:
To get a new shortcut, open the Java Preferences app from the same Utilities folder and click the Network tab, then click View cache at the lower right to bring up the Java Cache Viewer. Use the menu or icon to create a desktop application or shortcut as desired.

For Mac – Core Duo and Non-Intel Mac:
Shortcuts seem to be able to be created but will not execute. You must run from the lab’s NEOS link on their web site or from their NEOS listed in the Java Cache Viewer, accessed from Finder in Applications – Utilities and open Java Preferences app. In the Network tab, click View to open the Java applications list. We will continue to investigate the shortcut issues in non-Core 2 Duo systems. At this time, Apple Development has confirmed this is a major bug ( and seems to have no easy workaround.

Contact our team to answer any questions you may have regarding your NEOS software. We proudly serve clients in Salt Lake City, UT.