Photo Lab in Salt Lake City, UT

You don’t have to be the most camera centric to capture the perfect photo. However, even your best shots can produce unattractive prints if they aren’t given the care and attention they deserve. At Nichols Photo Lab, Inc., our goal is to create excellent prints for professional photographers. With our state-of-the-art equipment and team of highly trained personnel, we provide digital and film processing at our photo lab in Salt Lake City, UT.

Whether you’re printing photos from your clients’ wedding day or their favorite snapshots from a photo shoot at home, their images deserve the utmost care and precision. When you take advantage of our professional photographic processing, you can bring their moments to life with stunning color and sharpness. We pride ourselves on delivering remarkable prints and exceptional customer service. From our large selection of products to our personalized support, we are dedicated to giving our clients the highest quality end products possible.

Taking a Personalized Approach to Photographic Processing

You’ve spent time and energy working with your client to manufacture the perfect shot. Between scheduling according to their availability and creating the ideal atmosphere, you’ve put a good deal of time into capturing a single moment on camera. Ensure that all of the work you’ve put into your project is reflected in print with our professional photographic processing.

While serving our loyal customers, we have always stayed focused on maintaining quality, service, and dependability. To that end, we proudly provide our clients with clean colors and detailed images through the use of high-quality substrates. Our coated photo paper allows pigments that make up images to settle, dry, and lock into the surface, producing crisp imagery. Don’t settle for dull images with little contrast. Handling your photographic printing needs with our exceptional materials allows for a richer, fuller spectrum of color and gives you with a cleaner, more attractive end product.

Add a Personal Touch with Custom Photographic Printing

Create the perfect print for every occasion with our custom photographic printing options. Whether you need an image blown up for a memorial service, or you wish to carry your favorite wallet-sized picture with you everywhere you go, our team is here to help. No matter which size you prefer, you are sure to earn one-of-a-kind artistic prints that you can enjoy with our custom photographic printing.